Friday, May 25, 2012

CSA Week 5: Lettuce, Spinach, Chinese Cabbage, Vitamin Green, Red Russian Kale, Shunkyo Radishes


How pretty are those radishes? Here’s what happened in my kitchen last week:

Gruyère gougères!


Roasting coffee at home. (Thanks, J!)


These easy asparagus and gruyère tarts from Joy the Baker were delicious and not at all awkward, unlike the time I went to her book signing and she said, “My sister’s name is Lauren!” and the only thing I could think of to say back was, “I know.”



A dinner of baguette, butter, and salt; some salad to pretend I cooked; and a rhubarb pie from Hoosier Mama.


No one will ever know if you sneak some Vitamin Green into your spanakopita.



Cloudy, beautiful Chicago skyline.


Butterscotch pudding. It’s okay if you want to sprinkle a few bites with crunchy salt. Maybe I should get some new patterned napkins? This one is getting a lot of action.


Did you ever think of roasting radishes? This recipe was delicious, but next time I’d toss the greens in lemon and olive oil before topping them with the radishes.


We ate all the Napa cabbage salad before I could get a picture. It was inspired by this recipe, but instead of ramen noodles, I just buttered some almonds, cashews, and sesame seeds. (Bonus: if you forget about them in the oven, the butter will brown! (Or burn. But catch them before that.)) Use a little less sugar in the dressing. The recipe warns, “do not chop” but I did and it was still good.

(Aha, so it seems that “shred cabbage” does not mean use a cheese grater. Memorial Day weekend challenge: learn to shred with a knife.)

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  1. Looking at the picture of the pudding made my mouth water. Also, those roasted radishes look great. Pretty!