Friday, June 1, 2012

CSA Week 6: Lettuce, Spicy Greens Mix, Red Rain, Red Russian Kale, Bok Choi, Rainbow Chard


My apartment has very few places where the lighting is nice, so on days when the weather is cloudy, there’s no chance of a good picture. So, I present to you: moody, shadowed greens. There was a tiny inchworm in the lettuce that crawled out of J’s salad. (Seriously impressive survival skills: the lettuce/worm was in the refrigerator for a few days, got sent through the salad spinner, and then was doused in vinaigrette. How did you do it, Inchy?)


Strawberries appeared at the market last Saturday. I love the baskets they come in, but can’t think of anything cute to do with them. Ideas? (Abby?)


We went to a dinner party at a house in the suburbs. I made chocolate chip cookies and a brown butter raspberry tart. There were five chickens running around the backyard! When the hostess came to the yard, they all started running toward her like tiny dogs. (I’m a little dog crazy lately, so if anything does anything that a dog might possibly do, I inevitably make the comparison.)



The day before Memorial Day, the beach near me was insanely packed. Here’s a view from a distance, altered slightly with the VSCO Cam photo app to obscure faces and make the scene look less like my worst nightmare.


After years of making one type of Tartine bread (country bread), I tried a new recipe with green olives, hazelnuts, lemon zest, and herbs de provence. The ingredients were expensive and the loaf was flatter than usual, so much so that the pieces look a lot like exaggerated biscotti.  It’s impossible to beat the basic bread recipe, but this loaf was still good (for some reason I typed “goat” instead of “good”…).



A doughnut with mocha glaze and cacao nibs from The Doughnut Vault.  


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